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We provide communication services, marketing solutions, and design concepts for organizations and businesses in the creative industries.

Our goal is to create new and unimaginable experiences which elevate the audience beyond the mundane.

Our methods borrow from the fields of communication, marketing, anthropology, theater science, performance art, and behavioural design. Our multidisciplinary approach leads to the development of new solutions, and a deeper understanding of the customer experience.

Our customers span such fields as art, music, theatre, film, knowledge & research.


We deliver unique and creative ways of connecting organizations with their customers. Communication and marketing is a complex process with many parameters that have to come together at the same time. At Melt we have years of experience with planning, organizing, and executing these processes. Whether you need help with a single task or the full package, Melt has the solution for you.


To ensure a solid position in future markets, creating an original event is key. How to deliver an unforgettable experience and drive customer behaviour, however, is tricky. This is why you need Melt. Drawing on anthropology, cultural studies, and performance art, we bring together key learnings and rich experience to help you engage your customers in unique and unforgettable ways.