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A new concept that desires to bring together Danish musical artists and to create a digital space where the audience can discover new talents. Audio Kompas welcomes artists into their space and promotes each one of them through the different medias and original content. Going in depth with each musician, their vision is to become a universe concerned with music and the individuals behind it.

Audio Kompas needed a visual identity, that could be used for years to come without changing the design in favor of new functions or trends.

We had the pleasure to create the visual identity of Audio Kompas. Through intensive close cooperation with the Audio Kompas team we created a visual language with clear ambitions of communicating to the adolescence of the blooming music scene in Denmark. With an elementary interpretation of its content, we made a visual language that provides endless possibilities for the platform to convey its contents. This way the identity is scalable for new functions and projects that Audio Kompas wish to develop in the future.