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With a new perspective on cinema and visual arts, CPH:DOX is one of the most influential European film festivals. Founded in 2003, the organisation’s vision is to use media as a way to inform, discuss and awaken their attendants regarding different contemporary societal issues. Based on documentaries, CPH:DOX aims to build bridges, create new perspectives and ways of thinking between film and a variety of related art and media formats.

CPH:DOX 2018 had 600+ events over a period of 10 days in different locations. They wanted marketing solutions, where different aspects in the program got promoted.

With a massive line-up of events, our solution was to create selected themes that reflect the festival’s message, creating groups of films that are common in topic and genre, and link them to their respective audiences through paid-marketing campaigns. By doing so we were able to get a better reach for reach on digital channels and higher conversion rates for each event within the given budget.

Photos by Karoline Hill