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Heartland is a festival that is on the quest of creating new and unique experiences, combining talks, contemporary art, music and extraordinary culinary experiences. Heartland Festival is located in one of the most beautiful locations in Denmark, Egeskov Castle. Drawing on both national and international names for their programme, the festival manages to debate and address serious topics related to arts, food and public speaking, all of this while enjoying a fascinating, outdoor scenery.

Our main involvement was video production, in which we took full responsibility for promoting the conceptual and visual identity of Heartland Festival.

Melt created three different pieces of video content that showcased the festivals four parameters; music, talks, food and art in a holistic and sensual experience. The three films was used by Heartland Festival in their main advertisement with the purpose of selling tickets.

“We are happy to work with Melt, who with great commitment and professionalism are responsible for our digital marketing and web optimization. With a well-thought-out and strategic approach, they have optimized our digital and SoMe marketing, and thus significantly optimized our results in terms of reach, budget optimization and sales.”

Janne Villadsen, Development & Communications Director at Heartland Festival