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Techfestival is a festival devoted to explore the relation between humans and technology, and how we should set the future direction for this relationship. Being located in the Meatpacking District of Copenhagen and facilitating collaborative formats, the festival differentiates itself from more traditional tech-focused conferences. This means that Techfestival attracts big international names, who want to join the debate, while the festival participants range from professionals within the tech industry to the common tech user with a curious mind

In this project, Melt was responsible for all digital marketing and all related content production, and additionally a consultative role in non-paid communications strategies on all platforms. Melt was a substantial part of the Techfestival team, working closely together with the departments of partners, programme and communications.

During our time on the project, we helped increase the Techfestival followers on socials, and thereby improve visibility and reach out to potential participants. In 3 months, the number of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram increased significantly. On the website, we made a perceptible increase in the number of users by optimizing UX and page speed, and by creating an appetizing programme overview. Combined with the strategic aspects in the advertisement campaigns, this resulted in a striking ticket purchase increase compared to the year before.